Clinical Commissioning Group

Hodge Hill Family Practice is a part of the Birmingham and Solihull CCG.

Hodge Hill Family Practice aims:

  • Make life better for patients.
  • Make life better for practices.
  • Improve resilience and efficiency.
  • Create development opportunities.
  • Grow as a business into the future.
  • Have an organisational design that remains representative of each individual partner.

Hodge Hill Family Practice objectives:

  • To provide the best healthcare available.
  • To make life easier, simpler for patients and more viable for local practices to thrive.
  • To improve the quality of working life of our partners and staff.
  • To create an environment for a sustainable and high-quality workforce.
  • To maintain the identity and autonomy of our practices, within a large effective structure.
  • To generate efficiencies and identify business opportunities.
  • To lead through engagement.